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Dubai, as a future business destination, depends largely on the ease of doing business and competitiveness. As it progresses into a Smart City, Dubai will eventually turn into a favourite place for investors and business people. The exemplary, innovative and smart government of Dubai is leaving no stone unturned to turn Dubai into a business and investment hub.  In continuation to the efforts of Department of Economic Development, it is determined to introduce a new and innovative Smart Hall.


Smart Hall is an innovative and new approach of business registration and licensing services. License owners and investors will now have an advantage of availing registration and licensing services that will be available round the clock. The services will be accessed through interactive and innovative kiosks in the Smart Hall. This contemporary approach of servicing will be very beneficial for the people who wish to start their business in Dubai. Smart Hall is a first of its type to be introduced in the region and is set to open in the month of May 2016 in Dubai by the Department of Economic Development (DED).

Located in the Business Village, Smart Hall will occupy an area of 9000 square metres on the ground floor of the office of Department of Economic Development. Smart Hall is a remarkable way of easing out the difficulties being faced by investors and businessmen by providing faster and timely solutions.  Smart Hall incorporates innovative and advanced technology that offers access to business registration and licensing services in a paperless environment.



Business registration and licensing transactions can be completed through user friendly and state of the art kiosks which will assist and guide the customers at each and every step of the process. Kiosks will offer same services regarding licensing and registration that DED is currently offering through website and online portals. For the customers who need support, a kiosks voice call facility will also be available for answering queries.

In addition to interactive kiosks, Smart Hall will also provide facilities like a coffee shop and ATM machines. In order to connect with the Dubai expanding business and investor community, Smart Hall is also incorporated with a call centre that is supported by online resources. This system will also allow people to conduct business for a longer duration with assistance from an expert available round the clock.

The introduction of Smart Hall is a step forward towards the future of providing administrative services. The Dubai government has every now and then introduced several new approaches of easing out the process of business setup in Dubai. Smart Hall, Hassle free initiative are some of them to name.

If you are thinking of starting your company in Dubai and are confused about figuring out the things, we can help. We at Al Taresh will be more than delighted to hear from you.


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