Making The Business Setup Process Easy

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Business Setup in Dubai has always been a challenging task especially for busy people. Despite the fact that Dubai has always remained open and free to investors, the various difficulties and problems associated with in the process of starting a business in Dubai have snowballed from time to time due ever increasing complexities and ramifications in the process that occur while launching a profitable enterprise in Dubai. The challenging and competitive atmosphere in Dubai for the businesses can be the another fact of doing the things differently and uniquely besides the process involves deep strategies and planning to set you apart from the others and outclass your name in the market.

Al Taresh as business consultants can come to your rescue and can streamline this complex process by easing out the things for you in starting a business in Dubai.

Al Taresh has the years of expertise in starting and running the profitable business enterprises in Dubai. We have been forming companies for over 8 years and our regular clients include a number of firms across UAE. We believe in providing the best services before and after the company formation to our customers. In addition to company formation, we can provide various other services to ensure that your new business can hit the ground running. The services we provide are managed and controlled by well qualified and experienced staff thus ensuring that all the documentation are accurate and legally correct.

Our customer friendly expertise in business set up, company formation and registration methodologies & processes set us apart from others. We have been helping in setting up businesses in Dubai from years and are known for our client eccentric approach.


Our approach of serving is based on these steps:-

Al Taresh offers free consultation to its clients in Dubai. Our advisers are always here to guide you on how to start a business in Dubai, company registration, company formation,Business Setup in Dubai , legal structures involved and about other necessary legal and documentary approvals.

After going into the ins and outs of the business through the professional advice you have to select your company type. There are many jurisdictions in Dubai and different entities, you have to choose the type of entity for Business setup. 

This process begins with the initial application at issuing authority. The fee and other related queries are also settled here after the approval is granted. The approval regarding the company name is also addressed here. This the very crucial stage in the process of setting up a business in Dubai.

After the approval and other formalities, we help you in finding the appropriate location for your office. We ensure that our team members will guide you through selecting the best office space that would match your business objectives.
Now from here, you are ready to start your business in a world class business environment to reach the pinnacle of success.

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