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Dubai has emerged as a place where businessmen and investors prefer to setup their business. Because of the continual support of the government of Dubai, it has now become a leading commercial, financial, tourist centre and the largest trading port linking east and west of the world. With the development of “Dubai internet city”, Dubai has emerged as the e-commerce capital of the Middle East with over hundred IT companies and offers everything that investors dream about such as privacy, limited liability, asset protection and above all tax exemption.

Dubai provides exquisite offers for investors to set up their base of operations and company formation in Dubai is very much reliable and reputable international trading solution.

The economy of UAE can be viewed as two sectors: onshore and offshore sector. The onshore business sector is for the local business interests and offshore businesses include a number of free zones. Among all the solutions, one of the best solutions is offshore company formation. The government of Dubai has the simplified methods and procedures for setting up offshore businesses in Dubai. Also known as the international business company (IBC) or non-resident company, offshore company formation is a company that is setup at a place which is outside its own jurisdiction.

Offshore company formation in Dubai is very much secure and offers greater financial privacy, security, privacy to ownership (shareholders and directories) than any other local businesses in Dubai. It can be used for many reasons such as maintaining a corporate bank account, anonymity, invoicing international clients and much more. They don’t provide any visa nor they require any office space but can be used to gain holding structure to your corporate by holding shares in another firm locally as well as internationally.


There are many advantages of starting an offshore company in Dubai. Some of them are listed below:

•    With the offshore company formation, you can protect your assets.

•    The shareholder is not required to be a Dubai resident in particular.

•    The offshore company enjoys all the privacy and confidentiality more than they expect.

•    The offshore company receives the tax exemption for all the corporate and income taxes.

•    Physical movement of capital is not mandatory for incorporation.

•    With the help of offshore company in Dubai, you can hold a corporate bank account in UAE

•    Through offshore company, business can be conducted internationally.

•    You will get the 100% ownership of company formation.

•    One of the biggest advantages of an offshore company in Dubai is the chances of opening your bank accounts here. Business consultants at Al taresh assist you in opening your accounts within a short period of time.

•    Offshore company service providers will provide everything in their offerings. They do all the formalities required for registration of your offshore company and also support you in every way to run your company smoothly. Our offshore services providers do the same.

•    An offshore company in Dubai acts as an intermediary in any transactions of your company with foreign companies.

•    No accounting, no reporting, no filling is required by offshore company formation in Dubai.


To know more about how to do offshore company formation continue reading our blogs.


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