Here’s What You Need To Know About Setting Up Your Business in Dubai

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The first and foremost step in setting up a business is to draft a good and comprehensive business plan that provides the complete outline of your business goals, tasks and turnovers. Drafting a business plan seems to be very easy but it actually is the most tedious and challenging task for many people.  Most of the people who intend to setup their business are already in a possession of a good business plan but a thorough research  of the market in terms of opportunities lying in that particular field are also required. Once the feasibility study is done, you now need to apply your business ideas to understand the facts that are required for your business to be a success. Once you are done with this, the next step will be applying for business license


Obtaining a business license in the United Arab Emirates is considered uncomplicated but it is not as easy as it seems to be.  The process of acquiring a business license in Dubai can be a bit complicated especially for busy business people as it involves a number of procedures and steps. In addition to it, it gets quite complicated to choose the type of license you want to apply for. Licenses have many types like LLC license or Free Zone License. You may find yourself in a confused situation as to which one is of your type?


This type of business will let you do business anywhere in the United Arab Emirates. However, obtaining an LLC license will require an Emirate sponsor who will have 51% ownership of your company. If you deal with supplying goods to the local markets in the United Arab Emirates then you should opt for LLC License. In other words, if your business needs a location that is near to the city, then LLC license is the only option.


If you want to own 100% of your company and do not want to have a local partner, then you need set up your business in Free Zone. There are about 40 Free Zones in United Arab Emirates and all provides various benefits of business set up like tax-free, low duty and much more. The benefit of setting up your company in Dubai Free zone is that complete foreign ownership is granted to a single shareholder and you don’t need a local sponsor to do business in Free Zone. A free zone license holder can only operate within that particular free zone that holds your license. However, there is an option of delivering your goods outside your free zone through a local distributor.

Now after you have determined what type of license is required for your company, next step is to applying for the license. The process of applying for the license can be a quite stressful as it requires a lot of paper works, waiting in queues, multiple trips to government departments and above all waste of time. Getting a professional help will make all this tedious process an easy one for you as he has done the same thing multiple times and is well aware of various procedures and rules that need to be followed while applying for a license without committing an error.


There are many benefits of choosing a consultancy that will help you in acquiring your license and other processes of setting up business in Dubai. One such reason is the recommendations they provide about your business activity.  They also complete all the paperwork formalities through the professionals thus ensuring errorless application submission. Our company provides a Public Relations Officer service  and well-trained individuals who work tirelessly in order to get you license. They spend their days in queues in order to submit your application to obtain license. They work as guide and through the entire process of getting a license thus saving you from headache and troubles.  From start to completion of process they will perform all the tasks that are required to get license themselves, you only need to go office when you have to sign for your license. A PRO will take you there too and will guide you through the process.

Choosing a Business Set up the consultancy in Dubai will be beneficial for they know all the rules, regulation and procedures of each and every jurisdiction of Dubai besides are well aware of the required documentation.

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