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One of the reasons why Dubai is considered to be a haven for starting new businesses is the policies of its government that provide maximum flexibility and opportunities for new businesses to grow and  prosper. The vision of Government of Dubai is clear; to create a business friendly environment to attract more and more people, that will initiate a way for Dubai in becoming the business hub of the world. That is the reason Dubai time and again is creating more and more ways to provide easy access to the entrepreneurs and business men who wish to open their business in Dubai.  In yet another such big step, DED has approved 37 new business activities to facilitate commercial business and their expansion in Dubai. The new addition raised the number of permitted business activities in Dubai from 2088 to 2125.

Which sectors have been added?

The newly added entities cover the most vital business sectors in Dubai. They include:

  • Scientific offices
  • Processing plant products for pharmaceutical use
  • Organizing camping trips
  • Contracting installation of central gas networks in buildings
  • Installation of license plate numbers
  • Aviation services co-ordination
  • Collection and transfer of construction waste & demolition
  • Sewing men’s clothes and military uniforms
  • Sewing women’s clothes and military uniforms
  • Military services representatives
  • Issuance of smart tourist card services
  • Veterinary research center
  • Consultancy for radiology diagnostic centers
  • Certificates and documents attestation
  • Wax museum
  • Environmental inspection and monitoring
  • Real estate secretarial services
  • Project management services
  • Sports management
  • Aerial photography and
  • Corporate services provider.

The new activities have been added after various studies that were conducted by Business Registration & Licensing (BRL) in Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) and feedback was taken from traders and licence owners for a 4 month long period. About 35 per cent of the new activities cover industrial and retail sectors including textile, dietary supplements, automobiles or renewable energy equipment. The efforts of DED have proved fruitful every now and then, and winning bid for world Expo 2020 is just a glimpse of Dubai becoming the business superpower.

Balancing the present and future needs.

The addition of new business activities will be helpful in reducing the demand of products or services, which is very high for some items. The main aim of adding new entities is to shorten the gap between demand and supply situation in the local market. According to the director of BRL (Business Registration and Licensing), “the new entities will help meet the current and future needs of license owners and businesses and complement the demand and supply situation in the local market”

Raising Confidence

With the main focus of attracting more and more businessmen and entrepreneurs towards Dubai, it recently inaugurated hassle free initiative for company formation in Dubai. The hassle free initiative coupled with the addition of new entities will surely help in raising the confidence of investors and will also help Dubai in the overall competitiveness. This will also enhance the position of Dubai in the World Bank report of doing business.

If you are thinking of business setup in Dubai, then consider the above sectors also. Al Taresh can assist you in starting and running your business in Dubai.

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