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At Al Taresh, we partner with the clients to perform all PR activities effectively so that client doesn’t’ faces any difficulties. Being a duly authorized entity we are eligible to carry out all transactions such as clearing and processing in any UAE governmental offices such as MOL, EDNRD, DED, MOFA, MOE, EID, DM, RTA, Dubai Land Departments (Ejari), Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Consulates.

In order to simplify things for the clients, we have created two package deals as a part of our employing services. These options are designed for the client to make the best use of the services and are governed by renewable service agreement.

The client is only charged a Monthly Service fee from the UAE Government, besides the approved typing fee. The service fee is calculated on the number of employees regardless of any related transactions for processing of any UAE governmental jobs. A set of table is provided to the clients in the contract that gives a clear classification of the monthly fee rate. In addition to this, invoice is issued separately to be paid monthly whereas the governmental fee is paid before the job commencement. This option is perfect for businesses with an increasing demand of employees as it facilitates fast processing of the transaction prior to paying the service fee at the end of the month.

The client is charged Al Taresh Clearance Fee for every individual job or transactions undertaken by us for an employee, besides the government and typing fee. The clearance fee is a part of each quotation shared by us. Once the invoice is issued, it has to be paid by the client prior to the job commencement, particularly the government fee which is mandatory. Likewise, a table for each transaction name with corresponding clearance rate is fixed in the contract. This option allows the client to pay a clearance fee only when there is a new job.

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