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What are customer packages visa?

We understand the hardships of being a company owner, having to register all the right documents and licensing. As an authorized entity, we are registered to carry out all transactions, such as clearing and processing any UAE governmental offices like Dubai Land Departments (Ejari), Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Consulates, and more.

Due to this demand, we have provided two package deals for our employment services in order to ease the process.

What are the packages?

Our packages consists of the following

  • Government monthly service fee You are charged a monthly service fee from the UAE government, besides the approved typing fee. Our service fee is calculated on the number of employees regardless any related processing of any UAE governmental jobs.
  • Individual clearance fee You are charged an Al Taresh clearance fee for every individual job or transactions undertaken by us, excluding the government and clearance fee. A clearance fee will only be charged when there is a new job.
This is why you should let us help you!
  • We provide full-on services in getting all the job done.
  • We provide time-efficiency by doing everything for you.
  • We finish everything on-time based on when everything is required.
  • Great communication and guidance throughout the whole process.

For more information about our dependent visa services, feel free to contact us below.

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