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What is a maid visa?

A maid visa is a visa issued to a worker who will be working for a family as their housekeeper. Many people are actually unaware about the process of hiring or sponsoring a maid. This is why we are here to help!

A maid visa can only be obtained by the head of the family, with a salary not less than 6,000 AED a month or 5,000 AED with accommodation. This visa is only applicable for people from India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, and Indonesia.

In order to apply for the maid visa, you will need to provide a resident visa or employment permit, a medical fitness report, residence stamp on the maid’s passport, Emirates ID application, and Issue of Domestic Worker Card.

We will handle all this process for you with our extensive maid visa services.

Why us?

We will handle all the documents and security checks needed for this process. We understand the hardships of dealing with this type of employment visa, which is why we have opened up our services to your doorstep.

Al Taresh is a registered maid visa services consultancy that is authorized by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (DNRD).

Having had years of experience in this sector, we understand all the requirements and procedures to get the job done.

Here are some of our specialties
  • We assist clients in document gathering and meeting formalities.
  • We handle any submissions to the Immigration Department in UAE.
  • We ensure proper management for documents and medical checkups.
  • We provide convenience by conducting all the steps, guiding you from the beginning to the end.

For more information on our maid visa services, contact us through our form.

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