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Q.   Is this PRO agency authorized?

Al Taresh Businessmen Services LLC is an authorized PRO agency in Dubai since years. There is no doubt in relying on us for your important government related processing and consultancy work. For more information, please click here: Disclaimer

Q.   My Employer has reduced my salary, what should I do?

Submit a written request to the Employer and try finding a solution. Else, submit a typed application to the Labor Relation Officer explaining the dispute and its causes in detail. Any decision taken by the Legal Advisor will be in the aftermath of a thorough study of the work contract.

Q.   What are the documents required to start a new company?

Copies of Trade License and Firm Card are the documents required to start a new company.Further, an application is to be submitted to the MOL for the Opening Firm Cards in the Ministry of Labor and DNRD. This application must have the necessary documents and specified fees along with it.

Also, you must have a local partner in case the company is LLC or local service agent, if the company holds professional license. Some activities require additional approval from other departments or ministries in UAE.

Q.   What is the procedure to renew my labor card?

Submit an application form at the ministry and make sure that all the requisite documents, required by the Company PRO, are forwarded as an attachment. Complete the process by submitting visa renewal to DNRD, after medical test is done.

Q.   What is the status of my visa?

The Employment Visa Status is checked on the system with the help of a reference number. Any application number, for instance, has 13 digits as well as "IN" in the beginning and "AE" at the end. This applies to a Group Visa as well as an Individual Visa.

Q.   I have been working in a company for the past 4 years and the visa is renewed automatically every 2 years. I have given my resignation which is not being accepted, what do I do?

Submit a typed complaint to the Labor Relation Officer and list the cause(s) of the dispute. This way, clients can seek an appointment wherein, both the parties would be called to the MOL and the matter would be discussed by the Legal Advisor, in an attempt to settle the dispute.

Q.   Will there be a ban on my passport if I break the contract with my current employer?

Only the systems of the ministry issue a ban for six months in case of an unlimited contract. If the contract is limited, it depends of your employer whether he can request a 1 year ban because you breach the contract or just leave it for the ordinary ban from the system (6 months ban).

Q.   What should I do if my employers are not fulfilling the conditions mentioned in the contract?

Forward an application to the Labor Relation Officer and provide proper details about the cause(s) of the dispute. The matter would be under the consideration of a Legal Advisor, who would call both the parties along with a copy of contract in an attempt to provide feasible solutions.

Q.   I have worked in a company for 3 years and now I have resigned. Do I need to pay any amount to the company for spending money on my visa and labor card?

It is the company that is supposed to make payments for your Visa and Labor Card. But in cases where there is no suchclause in your contract, then you have to abide by the terms of the contract.

Q.   What is the minimum and maximum period of a contract the company can make with the employee?

The contract between you and your company can be a Limited Contract and an Unlimited Contract, which varies from company to company. Going by the rules, any Limited Contract cannot exceed a time period of more than 3 years.

Q.   In case a worker has permanent injury while at work, what is the compensation amount the company will be required to provide the employee?

The compensation amount in this case would be paid by the Insurance Company. In cases where there is no insurance of the employee as such, the compensation amount is to be paid by the company.

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