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An employer hires a new employee to support him in his future endeavors. Similarly, we partner with the clients to help streamline the entire process of adding an employee to the team. Besides partnering with existing companies to help them bring fresh talents on boards, we join hands with the nascent companies who may find the whole process of applying and procuring employment visas for their new employees in Dubai, quite complex and time consuming.

We help the employers win the game despite all odds. Our frequent communication with the government officials and constant updates on the process has enabled us to offer quick deliveries of employee visa. Be it an offshore recruitment, our employment visa services are as fast as the other ones. Indeed, to get the ball rolling for such companies, we initiate the process at a jet-propelled speed and streamline complicated tasks, until the employee is on board. Leveraging our strategic thinking and long-built connections in government departments, we get the approval on documents and clearance by the Ministry of Labor and Immigration in quick time.

Al Taresh is a registered service-provider for Employment Visa Services consultancy and processing and is authorized by General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (DNRD), and Ministry of Labour (MOL). Al Taresh has been providing these services with a legal standing and has never been involved in any activities that are unauthorised legally by the respective government authorities. The fee for visa-services depends on what type of visa you are opting for, i.e., new visa, renewals, visa transfer, etc. which is a subjective concern. The fees levied by Al Taresh are strictly in line with the rules prevailing with the Dubai Government’s procedures for such services.

About Employment Visa

What makes a reliable employment visa service provider is our facility of custom-designing packages as per the preferences and needs of the clients. The suite of employment visa package offered by us entails visa applications, approval from the Ministry of Labor and Immigration, medical check-ups, residence stamping, contract preparation, and more.

Exclusively by Al Taresh is the dedicated Messenger Service that has been launched for collection, processing, and delivery of all documents with doorstep service.

  • Hold expertise in providing interface with government agencies.
  • Detailed understanding of UAE laws and regulations.
  • Provide approvals and clearances on time.
  • Resort to ethical business and lawful PR practices.
  • Well-researched, innovative communication strategies.
  • Strong transaction tracking for the clients and keeping them posted.

We understate and over-deliver. The employment visa services offered by us are tailored based on the urgency of bringing a resource on board from anywhere in the world. As a part of our professional services, we provide constant updates on the status of the visa process and the formalities involved in it. Abiding by the UAE law and visa department protocols, we kick off the process after we have received the required documents. With minimum follow-ups, we assure quality results.

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