Resident Visa in Dubai

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What is a dependent visa?

A dependent visa is eligible for any parent, parent-in-law, wife and kids looking to live with an employee with an eligible resident visa and a minimum salary of 6,000 AED with accommodation or 7,000 without accommodation.

For any family members looking to come along with your employees, they would need to provide proof that they are their sole provider. This also follows with other documentations, such as an application form, a copy of the dependents passports, proof of relationship, copy of job contract, and a copy of their tenancy contract.

We are here to help you every step of the way, from providing the documents to the actual application process.

Why us?

We have years of experience in processing dependent visas in Dubai. Having worked with various companies that have needed to deal with this issue, we have all the connections and knowledge to help you throughout the whole application.

This is why you should let us help you!
  • We provide full-on services in getting all the job done.
  • We provide time-efficiency by doing everything for you.
  • We finish everything on-time based on when everything is required.
  • Great communication and guidance throughout the whole process.

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