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Recognizing the scope of business in the UAE’s leading business hub, many companies have leveraged the outstanding potential to set up their offshore company in Dubai. Dubai is the fastest growing zone in terms of economy and luxurious lifestyle. The fast paced corporate structure of Dubai has turned it into one of the favorite destination for company formation. The business atmosphere of Dubai is alluring large number of entrepreneurs to conceptualize their ideas and thoughts for company formation. However, they ignore the tediousness and the hassles that may obstruct the goals of company formation in Dubai.

Al Taresh is a registered service provider for the Company Formation in Dubai and is authorized by Dubai Economic Department (DED). Al Taresh has been providing these services with a legal standing and has never been involved in any activities that are legally unauthorized by the respective government authorities. The fees for Company Formation in Dubai depends on what are the processes involved, which in fact depends on the nature of your business. The fees levied by Al Taresh are strictly as per the rules prevailing with the Dubai Government’s procedures for such services.


Undoubtedly acquiring a business or a trade license give goose bumps to entrepreneurs if they don’t have detailed knowledge about the procedure of company formation or there is no professional consultancy they can seek through. Guiding you through the dim light and partnering with you as an advisor, it is only the company set up specialists resourced by Al Taresh who can assure you focused approach and an uncomplicated Company formation in Dubai.

With an objective to give you and your business a brand new start in the land of sands and skyscrapers, is what we aim at Al Taresh. Starting from the preliminary process of company registration, finding the most appropriate business location, guidance for legal structure, to obtaining trade license and all required documents, we partner with our esteemed clients until the complete process of company formation and set up. Incorporating profound industry experience, our army of consultants administers efficient and safe company structures for entrepreneurs, expatriates, conglomerates and family offices.


Assisting you with everything that is required for company formation in Dubai

You may be amazed how company formation experts at Al Taresh listen to you, understand your needs, nature of business, location choices and suggest you the most appropriate solution- you’ll not regret ever. With the support, confidence and network the team has built with major government officials, we have committed our clients 100% satisfactory company formation service in Dubai.

We have always lived up to the client’s expectations through strategic planning and quick implementation of objectives. We maneuver the entire offshore company formation process by helping the client in wealth protection and international tax plans. Not just the assurance of the speedy and peaceful company incorporation of all kinds, we have strengthened our portfolio with extended support for administration and management facilities, including tax compliance, accountancy and secretarial services.

Highly qualified in the domain of company formation services in Dubai, our resources encompasses a band of legal advisors and document experts who can give you insights of how this works before you take the final decision. From the license cancellation, renewals, amendments to all other kinds of approvals, the consultants at Al Taresh help clients with the pre-requisites required from the federal and government authorities.

Al Taresh has a solid network and contacts with concerned government authorities. We assure the best advice and guidance on the legal structures for Sole proprietorship, Public and Private Shareholder company, Limited Liability Company and others, including quick company registration in Dubaiand document’s approval.

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