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The most important thing about starting or expanding your business is to choose a perfect location. The desired location should provide ample opportunities and options that are required to start a business in anywhere in the world.
Dubai can be considered as the bay of business opportunities. In-fact land of opportunities can be used as a metaphor for Dubai. While most economic zones of the world were hit by the recession in the yesteryear, Dubai was also affected but it emerged in such a way that new corridors of business were discovered.


The exquisite business nature of Dubai hassled to attracting more and more investors. The business startups are emerging on a large scale in all fields of development in Dubai. The business people are approaching Dubai for introducing their brand in this part of the world. There are many reasons why the investors are thronging Dubai for expansion or starting a business in Dubai. One of the reason is tax free business facilities of Dubai that provides an emerging environment for the new companies to grow. Dubai government have made Dubai as a business friendly nation which has made this place out of nothing. Who would have thought fifty years back that a small country like Dubai will become the business hub of the Middle East. Over the years Dubai has witnessed tremendous developmental growth in every sector of life. The world class architecture attracted large number of tourists from every corner of the world. The Dubai is considered as the ultimate shopping destination.
Dubai have excelled in every sphere of commerce but the power industries of Dubai include Shooing, trade, tourism, Media, IT, Retail, Exhibitions, Gold and Diamond trade and banking. Dubai is a place to be explored more and more in terms of growth.


The government of Dubai offers varied types of business models for the foreign investors, like direct sale, commercial agency arrangements, branch office, limited liability company and special zone investment. The models are well crafted in order to meet the requirements of the investors and has attracted huge foreign direct investment over the years. The reason behind the vast foreign direct investment is the Dubai’s open economic policy that have played an instrumental role in this regard. To further encourage the investment, Dubai government have devoted number of free economic zones across the United Arab Emirates. The incentives and the concession that are offered in these zones attract the large number of investors though out the world. There are 20 free zones in Dubai which cater the large activities of the business sectors like media, advertising, technology, trade, communication, manufacturing etc. In most of the zones OF UAE, one cannot get 100% ownership to the foreign investors but the free zones are exception to it. They provide full ownership to the foreign investors besides guaranteeing zero taxes for a long period of time. However these zones are located far away from the Dubai city. One can also opt for starting the business close to the city but for that he has to partner with the Dubai native (sponsor). This type of partnership has an advantage of working with a person who has already so much knowledge of the business Setup in Dubai which can affect your business goals in an efficient way.
Dubai has emerged as the global city that offers all the opportunities that the fastest growing cities in the world does. Starting a business in Dubai is far beyond than having a liberal, attractive and luxury environment.


Dubai has the environment that convinces all the business people and entrepreneurs to set up and launch their business in Dubai.

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