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Dubai is called a goldmine for the businessman all around the world .Are u a businessman and wants to start a business in Dubai? Do you want to know what it takes to start a business in Dubai? Are u confused and actually don’t know what business to start in Dubai. Before starting a business in Dubai you ought to have the full knowledge of region, where and why to start a business in Dubai.


According to the world banks ease of doing business, one of the most economically progressive and the worlds easiest place to  start a business is Dubai as starting a business in Dubai is hassle free .Dubai’s gross domestic product is projected at USD 107.1 billion, with a growth rate of 6.1% in 2014.Dubai is the commercial capital of UAE (known as the business hub)  a place as an international aviation center  and is famous for its rapidly developing infrastructure.Dubai  attracts the eye of business investors right from the day it started to show it’s economic stability to the international market, that’s is  why Dubai is listed as one of the fastest growing economies . Dubai   gives an ease of access to the 1.5 billion consumer markets  in Africa, West Asia, CIS countries, Eastern Europe, as well as the neighboring Middle East countries.Dubai is also called as the City of Gold, for a fact that its major part of economy is based on the gold trades, with total gold trading volumes in h1 2011 reaching 580 tonnes.Because of the availability of large seaports and airports, Dubai is an  ideal place for doing international trade and other types of business .

Dubai is famous for its developed infrastructure, facilitating efficiency, quality and favorable business conditions. Because of Its good reputation as a place to do business, and its “entrepreneurial ecosystem”   Dubai is placed ahead of other famous cities such as Sydney, Los Angeles, and Beijing etc. Therefore, increasingly attracting entrepreneurs all around the world.

You can start a business in Dubai in one of its free zones. The DAFZ (Dubai Airport free zone) is the leading free zone service provider in the UAE, its governing body provides the organizations with an inclusive and innovative base for Business SetupOther free zones of Dubai are:

International finance center

Gold and Diamond Park

 Industrial city

Internet city.

Other benefits of starting a business in Dubai include:

A dynamic business culture

Tax free business environment.

A highly developed transport infrastructure

A developing financial and services sector

Low costs of labor and energy resource

The best international exhibition and conference venues

High quality office and residential accommodations

Reliable utilities provision

A cosmopolitan lifestyle with first class hotels, hospitals, schools and shops

Favorable geographical location, convenient for trading and other business.



Business start up opportunities in Dubai are open for all . Not only for the citizens of Arab but also  for the foreign investors  across the world . Dubai welcomes foreign investments greatly.

If you don’t have the determination and passion of  starting a business or  you the lack the guts and  efforts to run a business then  there is no point of starting a business in Dubai  or anywhere around the world, but if you are passionate about the business and possess everything it needs to have in successful business  then you must start your business and your decision of starting a business in Dubai is the right choice as Dubai will provide you with the maximum business backbone support & you can surely grow in your profession.


STARTING A BUSINESS IN DUBAI is easy if you know about the type of business you want to start, business activities, places and jurisdiction. Once you have decided of starting a business in Dubai It is necessary to determine the type of registered company. At present, there are three main types of companies in Dubai:

  •  Limited Liability Company ; choose it only  if
  1. You want to  engage and provide services for restaurant business.
  2. You want trading and other tasks designated for retail customers on the mainland of  U.A.E
  •  Onshore company in Free Trade Zone ; register it only  when
  1. You want to perform a business in U.A.E & abroad
  • Offshore company: selecting  an offshore company will be the best choice only If  the business is performed abroad i.e. outside UAE

If you want to incorporate any of the above companies in Dubai then please contact us our business consultants are there  to provide you suggestions and recommendations .AL Taresh offers you very reasonable prices for business incorporation in Dubai.

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